Our 2020 ended with the handing over ceremony of the Kaulembe schools, which was attended by the entire village and some officials from the Ministry of Education, both from the Chipangali district and the Province. Not us unfortunately, due to the restrictions of Covid 19. But our local representative, Mr. Enrico Carretta, was there and documented the celebration with several photographs.
The success of our first Project, with absolute respect for time and costs, proved us Enrico’s full reliability, and so in the first months of the year we fine-tuned the Project for which our Association was set up: to bring the children of the most remote villages closer to the school as soon as possible, to train volunteer teachers who, once the course is completed, are willing to return to their home villages to run a kindergarten that we will build for the children living there.
The first half of the year saw us busy laying the foundations for this important project: getting the Ministry’s approval, choosing the most receptive villages, making an initial casting of students, finding the trainers, preparing the educational programme and much more. After several months of work, on 20 September we signed the contract with Enrico Carretta for ‘Gli Asili di Santina Gusmini’. It provides for two years of training courses for nine students each year and the construction of two kindergartens. An extension of the contract envisages the possibility of building six more, to nine in total, should we find the financial resources. The agreed conditions can be read in the project section.
Our first annual training course for volunteer Early Child Education teachers started on 20 December.