In these days we received back from Enrico Carretta, our contact and supervisor of the works in Zambia, all the signed documents and the confirmation that works will start on March the 9th …

According to the principle of transparency we have always firmly upholded, meaning for us respect for our supporters, we publish all the documentation we hold.
You can therefore view:

  • Our Memorandum of Understanding, with the agreements between the parties, role and responsibilities, duration, budget required and times of payments
  • The building specifications for both schools
  • the summary of costs for the two schools in analytical form: cost of materials, contractors, transports, furniture, etc.
  • the plan of the primary school, which will be 170 sqm
  • the plan of the kindergarten which will be 136 sqm
  • the letter request, requiring the first tranche of the funds and communicating the start of works scheduled for the 9th of March