The creativity of our members and the heart of our supporters

The projects are going on, carried out with passion and expertise, they are of the utmost benefit to the children in Zambia, but even though 100% of the donations are directly invested, funds are scarce.
So that, for the third year, Eleonora has boosted her production of jams, which have become increasingly popular with friends, acquaintances and colleagues, now incredibly several dozen. So much passion, so much work, all aimed at providing important support for our Association.

And what about the wonderful initiative of the solidarity takeaway fully organised and implemented by Manuela and her friends Melania Monica Claudia e Natasha.

They all certainly like to cook, but preparing dozens of dishes, of quality, involves work, attention, and uncommon skills, because otherwise they could not have achieved the extraordinary result of delivering over 70 complete meals! And to the full satisfaction of those who enjoyed the delicacies received.

And Eleonora, Manuela and the others ladies not only ask nothing for their time and work, they also ask nothing for the purchase of the needed feedstocks, considering these, their personal donation.

Because all proceeds, without exception, are always invested in the projects.

It is thanks to these people and those who give them confidence that our Association can continue to exist.

You can see the poster for the solidarity takeway below.